Partnership Announcement – bitsCrunch X Cros

PARTNERSHIP - bitsCrunch X Cros

We have another metaverse announcement for you!

bitsCrunch is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Cros, a leading metaverse that seeks to build an advertising infrastructure in the virtual world. Under this partnership, Cros will help bitsCrunch build a module for advertising in the metaverse, allowing us to expand our community and user base.

Despite gaining prominence, the metaverse remains largely untapped in terms of marketing and advertising. bitsCrunch seeks to leverage this opportunity and become one of the frontrunners to ensure there is much-needed awareness of NFT security in the virtual space. The partnership will also allow us to extend our community projects to individuals who are more interested in the metaverse. Community efforts, thus, remain core to our metaverse initiative.

“Defining a traceable, secure, trustable, and accountable infrastructure and standards for advertising and consumer economy on metaverses lies at the core of Cros, and our association with bitsCrunch will add to the objectives of Cros effortlessly,” says Ajay Bhandari, the co-founder of Cros.

“bitsCrunch is dedicated to creating trust and transparency in the NFT ecosystem, and this partnership with Cros enables us to create a safe haven for NFT collectors and creators,” added Vijay Maharajan, the Founder and CEO of bitsCrunch.

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About bitsCrunch:

bitsCrunch is a leading blockchain analytics firm that aligns with building tools to safeguard the NFT community. Through the hard work, brainpower, and proactivity of top-notch data science professionals, we blend Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to offer consumer-friendly digital products that secure the NFT ecosystem and provide industry-relevant analytics that help rocket launch NFT ventures with ease.

Our nifty tools, Crunch Da Vinci, Scour, and Liquify, help identify counterfeit NFTs, wash trading patterns of NFTs in marketplaces, and cognize the fair price value of NFTs, respectively. Apart from strengthening the authenticity of NFTs for marketplaces, bitsCrunch also provides real-time analytics on NFT trends via our product, Unleash NFTs.

About the Cros:

Cros is a web3 metaverse advertising platform and protocol using blockchain smart contracts. By building the infrastructure technology layer, Cros is connecting metaverses with advertisers & users in an intuitive & decentralised process, as well as standardising advertising NFTs & powering immersive consumer economy across the metaverses, thus enabling everyone to earn from advertising and unlocking new heights for the P&E economy.

Cros Ads Manager & SDK enable metaverses & guilds to power brand advertising & consumer economy across their assets in a fully measurable & automated process.

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