The 10 Best NFT Apps for iPhone You Must Have

Buying an iPhone is an investment for a plethora of reasons. With astounding camera quality, iPhone has of late attracted a lot of buyers with interests in photography and converted them into NFTs. People are on the lookout for avenues for supplemental income, especially after the pandemic that has driven traction to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.  This is where an iPhone user becomes an opportunist. 

Now, let’s get this straight! How to create NFT on iPhone? 

What if we say, You don’t have to code but have these NFT Apps on your iPhone to create and sell NFTs in a few taps. Here we come with recommendations on the best NFT Apps for iPhone with key takeaways like USP, Features and Make of each app. Cast your eyes over!

NFT Apps – Noteworthy Recommendations from Ecosystem Guardians


You just knew that an NFT can be created by editing a picture from your phone gallery. GoArt is one of those best apps for NFT that is compatible with Android and iOS. 

GoArt specializes in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Digital Imaging Research with a goal of unfolding avante-garde photo editing products to all the photographers around the world. 

The app is built with cutting-edge AI technology with artistic photo editing capabilities that can turn your photos into incredible NFTs. 

What can GoArt do to your photos? 

Some jawdropping features of GoArt would include 

  • Pop Art Style: Turning photographs into a comic book style. 
  • Ukiyoe: Creates water accents in photos
  • Abstract: Applies photo effects using shapes, colors, forms and textures.

With GoArt, the brand has pushed its limits to be the next big thing for photography, converting the photographs into NFTs and earning a fortune out of it. 

2. Sketchar

A one-stop app designed to boost the economy of creators, Sketchar justifies it’s tagline – Helping Creators succeed in Web3. So, if you are an NFT enthusiast and got an iPhone, then this is one of those NFT Apps you should have. 

What’s so cool about Sketchar is that it is one of the best recommended recommends NFT apps for iPhone

Basically, Sketchar is a quirky drawing app that is focused on enhancing user’s creativity. Driven by AR, the app offers drawing lessons and tools that can be put to best use by creators to create their NFTs. 

Some of the features of Sketchar are: 

  • Creating photos into illustrations in a few taps
  • Recording time-lapse videos of sketches 
  • Getting personalized sketching advice from Virtual Assistant

And that’s all about another app that will help you to create NFTs on your iPhone. 

Get Sketchar on your iPhone from this link. 

3. Tokenart

Tokenart as an app addresses the problem of supporting NFTs from multiple blockchains and wallet addresses. This is one of the paramount reasons why NFT enthusiasts should have this app on their Iphone. Tokenart supports Ethereum, Solana, Cardano and Wax. 

The above-mentioned is not the sole reason why Tokenart is one of the best NFT apps. The app also boasts of interactive UI that gives a cohesive view of the NFT collection to the users. Seamless UX to browse and showcase user’s NFT collection across marketplaces and metaverses is a plus. 

The app is developed by Awesome Labs, a Newyork-based app development company with a portfolio in Health, Lifestyle and Technology apps. 

This link can help you to download Tokenart NFT App on your Iphone

4. NFT LaunchPad

NFT LaunchPad is an app best suited for NFT creators, collectors and investors. If you are any of these, then NFT LaunchPad is one of those apps you should be having on your Iphone. 

NFT LaunchPad offers a plentitude of features as one of the leading marketplaces. While the above list of apps can help you in creating and showcasing your NFT collection respectively, NFT LaunchPad can help you take the next step – launching your NFT collection!

For collectors, the app displays trending NFT collections and categories to browse through and purchase the NFT of their likes and interests. Download on your iPhone device from here

5. is a cryptocurrency exchange available as a mobile app for both iPhone and Android users. Claiming to be the world’s fastest-growing crypto app, is one of those apps that deal with both buying and selling cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

The cryptocurrency side of the app deals with buying and selling, paying and getting paid in, earning coins and getting credit in cryptocurrencies. The NFT side of it has a vast marketplace showcasing NFT collections from leading creators and brands. 

There you go! Download on your iPhone if you are inclined to anything in crypto, be it an NFT or cryptocurrency trade. 

6. OpenSea

The name says it all, OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT Marketplace. For novice creators, if you are now all set with your NFTs and looking for marketplaces to sell them, then you’ll feel missed out for not having the app on your iPhone. 

The app is also best suited for NFT traders who have been using desktop or mobile browsers to access the site and perform a transaction. 

Specialties: The app offers a striking user interface to browse through the uber-extensive NFT collection on both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Just like on other marketplaces, users can create, collect, buy & sell NFTs on OpenSea as well. The app displays the top NFT ranking list based on volume and floor price to the users which can help them make better trading decisions. 

PS: Now OpenSea has made gas fee-free for NFTs on Polygon. So, what are you waiting for?

Get OpenSea NFT app on your iPhone from this link

7. Rarible

If you are looking for an NFT app alternative to OpenSea, then we’d recommend Rarible as the second best. Inclined to boost up the creator’s economy, Rarible has been developed to support Ethereum, Tezos, Flow and Polygon. Further, with the development of $RARI and DAO, Rarible favors building more web3 projects on Rarible Protocol. 

Coming to the features, Rarible allows users to mint, bid and purchase NFTs from all over the world. The NFT Collections are categorized in a catalog fashion for collectors to cruise through and make a purchase decision. 

Pro Tip: Rarible offers a royalty system that constantly lets Creators make money from sold NFTs. 

This is probably why you should be having Rarible app to create NFT on iPhone

8. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a custodial marketplace that allows buying, selling and gifting of NFTs without any gas fees. This is one of the apparent reasons why NFT enthusiasts choose the application. So, if you are ready with your NFT Collection and want to sell them, this is one of the apps you should have on your iPhone. 

Not having customer support or service to address your transactional queries is considered a significant disadvantage of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. This downside is meticulously addressed with Nifty Gateway. 

The marketplace has brought forth a Collector Services feature that can assist collectors with sales and buying through advisory and support teams. 

Skip no beat! Download Nifty Gateway app on your iPhone and level up your NFT Trading

9. Axie Marketplace 

Gone are the days when gaming is considered a time-killing activity. Axie Infinity is one such blockchain game that has embarked upon the play to earn revolution. We certainly recommend the NFT App – Axie Marketplace, an in-house marketplace of Axie Infinity for all gamers who wish to earn as they play. 

The app can be put to great use by NFT Collectors as Axie Marketplace houses rare NFT collections like in-game items and collectibles. In fact, the collectors can also do their NFT Trade in a few taps if they have the app on their iPhone

NFT Collection is all about knowing the top-selling ones by rote and creating an NFT Investment Strategy for yourself. As of today, Axie Marketplace has sold NFTs for about $820,000. So, choose Axie Marketplace if you wish to boast of the rare in-game NFT collection of Axie Infinity. 

10. NBA TopShot

It is the uniqueness that pulls a lot of eyes toward NBA TopShot. It is a moment-based NFT marketplace where fans can purchase, sell and trade video clips that are of remarkable moments from a basketball game. 

Dear NFT Collector, if you are an ardent fan of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, or Klay Thompson and wish to own their slam dunking moments as NFTs, then NBA TopShot is the best sports NFT App you should have. 

The application groups Basketball NFTs based on the uniqueness of the moments under legendary, rare, fandom and common categories. This shall enable collectors to choose the NFTs based on the classification that is most sold.

Final Thoughts

Now with all the necessary information, you are heading to the AppStore to pick the best one for you? Wait! There’s some more you need to know. 

Are you getting the right kind of awareness about the scams and fraudulent activities happening around NFTs? Ensure that the NFTs you create are not copied. The marketplace you will be selling your NFTs is prone to washtrading or not? Be familiar with the original value of the NFT collections you are capitalizing on.

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